September 20th 2014 lutterlstown Castle
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Hi Darragh
I didn’t get to say goodbye to you on Saturday so I just wanted to drop you a mail. You were fantastic last week, everyone said so. I couldn’t have asked for better musicians and singers all throughout the day. You made my dad’s nightmare letting him up as well! I’m raging it’s all over, can’t believe it’s a week already. We’re in Mumbai now and I’ve been mostly preoccupied with working out what excuse I Can come up with to do it all again 🙂
If you want feedback or testimonials done or anything, I’d be delighted to do one. Or I can go on one of the Wedding madso forums as rate you if you like 🙂
Thanks again, you were really brilliant.


Photos taken Mount Druid - Boutique Camping & Alternative Wedding Venue