Levi and Paul June 1 2018 Galway boat club Galway
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Hey guys

just wanted to say again thank you so much

Here is a review, please post and share it on your pages.

We booked Blacktye from Australia. We never got to see them perform live but we took a risk and my goodness did it pay off. Darragh was helpful all the way through and I felt very relaxed.

Guys –

You are by far the best band I have ever seen. A group of seriously talented musicians who are flawless.  The mix of male and female voices, and the unexpected rapping was a treat. You got everyone on the dance floor and knew exactly how to work the crowd.  Our guests haven’t stopped talking about the band. You had amazing interaction with the crowd and were the icing on the cake! You truly made our day and we will forever be grateful.

We booked them for the drinks reception, band and DJ. Thank you for everything. You have been so easy to deal with from start to finish. 

All our love

Levi and Paul

We will come to your gig when we are next home.

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