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I just wanted to thank the band for an amazing performance. They were absolutely fantastic. They rocked the house and kept everyone entertained all night. They were also gracious enough to allow one of our guest join in with them and sing and play the drums.

Edward Sommerville, who is the curator of Lough Cutra Estate, said it was the best band he had heard. He said that they were far better than all the other bands that have come to entertain during all of the weddings that had taken place there over the years. I think he will be recomending Blacktye for any potential bride and grooms planning there wedding there.

Again please send my thanks to all the band members, we had such a great time and the were outstanding, the best!

Thanks for all your help in organizing everything and should I ever need a band in Ireland, I’ll know who to call.

All the best,

Photos taken Mount Druid - Boutique Camping & Alternative Wedding Venue