Helen Behan June 8 2018 Keadeen Newbridge
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Blacktye are more than a run-of-the mill wedding band. They are a real band that have such a good rapport with one another on stage it shines through and adds to the atmosphere. There is no awkwardness or cringeyness about them which we hsd found with other wedding bands that we went to see.They are so comfortable on stage I felt I had nothing to worry about. They were very entertaining all night long and their energy was infectious.They could read the crowd so well and played something for everybody from waltzes to raves! It was such a delight seeing my mother run to find her sister to waltz or jive to a particular song they might have loved as teenagers. She was so impressed and is still talking about it 3 weeks on. I feel like we were so lucky to have found them and would highly recommend Blacktye.

Photos taken Mount Druid - Boutique Camping & Alternative Wedding Venue