Eoghan and Steph Cronin Castlematyr Resort cork June 15 2019
by on June 19, 2019 in
Thank you so much for the amazing show ye put on, on Saturday night. We actually had never seen ye play before which made it extra special for us, and our guests were blown away by ye.
The amount of people including myself that had to look up at different stages to see if ye we’re actually singing or if ye were kidding us all by putting on an amazing pre recorded version was crazy. And that’s a testament to the quality that ye displayed and I’m sure continue to display.
Apologies about the first dance…. I’m sure you managed. And I’m no Patrick Swayze but I got by. Hope ye enjoyed it, let us know if ye need us to do a review or anything, I think I might have a video somewhere also that I can send on in due course.
Eoghan and Steph
Photos taken Mount Druid - Boutique Camping & Alternative Wedding Venue