Apologies for the delay…
by on April 10, 2013 in

Thanking you for a wonderful day on Saturday July 2nd 2011, Myself and Lina were both delighted with how the day went. Everything was perfect from the church music right through until you finished as DJ. I received so much positive feedback. Its hard to know where to begin. Is there a place where you would like me to do a more substantial review?

Ironically enough the only negative part for us was that the weather was so nice and meant people wanted to stay out (again bitter sweet!), I was very impressed with how you and the band were actually able to beat the weather and encourage people to come in! I have no hesitations in recommending Blacktye to anyone that asks.

Thank you for making our day very special.

Photos taken Mount Druid - Boutique Camping & Alternative Wedding Venue